Overwhelmed managing finance, sales/marketing and other vital operations?  We can help!

Sales & Marketing systems provide Contact Management and follow-up systems to acquire your Prospects and maintain your Clients, and creating analysis of your client interests and retention.


Systems and Services: [break][break]contact-mgmt[break][break]
[break]Contact Management for Marketing,
Sales & Clients[break]
Prospect Follow up[break]
Marketing Return On Investment[break]
Evolve Prospect to Client system[break]
Customer Service/Client Management system[break]
Electronic and Direct Mail campaign[break]
[break]Benefits to You & Your Business:
[break]Control of sale processes by company,
not sales person[break]
Statistics for sales closed vs. not closed[break]
Better reporting of Opportunities[break]
Marketing measurements[break]
Retention of current clients[break]




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