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Human Resource systems are an integral part of your business, but the most over looked. There are specific documents required by state and federal governments. Not being aware of this or creating a system maintaining forms and information will cost your business in heavy fines.


Systems and Services: [break][break]hired[break][break]
[break]Employee systems for hire, review and termination[break]
Company Policy[break]
Job Descriptions[break]
Incentive Plans[break]
Payroll system and services[break]
Note: Employee systems can also be developed [break]for Virtual Assistant.
[break]Benefits to You & Your Business:
[break]Appropriate Federal and State requirements[break]
Consistent policy for all[break]
Eliminate heavy fines or taxes[break]
Lessen stress of hiring[break]
Find the right person for the right position
your company needs[break]


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