Overwhelmed managing finance, sales/marketing and other vital operations?  We can help!

SOS is your Strategic Partner for your business operations.

As a hardworking business owner caught up in getting the work done, you can miss the gaps that are restricting your business growth.  Identifying these gaps and establishing business goals, we will create the necessary systems to boost profits, and streamline work with measurable and consistent tasks.

What is a System? A system is a design of procedures, processes and action steps that work together to manage the operational aspects of your business. Systems should be developed for all functions of business including Finance, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing.

Why do I need Systems?  Systems provide structure that is consistent and measurable.  They also provide an instrument for growth and success by eliminating waste and inefficiency. Systems provide cohesion for the business, and less stress and more time for the owner. 

“Organize around business functions, not people.

Build systems within each business function.

Let systems run the business and people run the systems.

People come and go but the systems remain constant”

(Michael Gerber; E-Myth Revisited.)

 By developing customized systems that incorporate all critical functions specific to your business, you have created a Systematic Office Solution.

  • Finance systems provide clarity and consistency for your financial entries, providing ease of reading your financial reports and understanding the flow of money.
  • Human Resource systems are an integral part of your business, but the most over looked.  There are specific documents required by state and federal governments. Not being aware of this or creating a system maintaining forms and information will cost your business in heavy fines.
  • Sales & Marketing systems provide Contact Management and follow-up systems to acquire your Prospects and maintain your Clients, and creating analysis of your client interests and retention.
  • Business Tool systems consist of Software, Forms and Applications for mobile devices, and the processes to incorporate them. Having the right tools, customized for your specific business and knowledge to use them correctly will save time and money.


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