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Work/Life IMbalance??Do you find that you planned an activity for your family but when the day comes, nothing is ready?  Do you blame it on too much work?

Do you find that a project deadline is next week and you haven’t worked on it yet?  Do you find yourself saying I’m too busy or I’m only one person?

Most people feel that they can’t keep up with both Home and Business, especially those who are Solopreneur.

Following these simple steps in both “worlds” will help you to manage your tasks (time) and be more efficient with your work and home life.


1. Create goals for business and your personal life.

Without goals you don’t know where to go with your life or your business.  Personal goals are similar to business goals, but for you and your family.  Where do you see yourself in 6 months, 1 year, 3 years or 10 years?  Having personal and business goals will drive you through your day in the correct direction.

Without personal goals, you are expending your time on work only.

2. Breakdown your goals to create tasks.

Let’s say you created a goal to take a European vacation.
Now you need to breakdown the essentials and assign tasks for that trip:

1. What?  Trip to Ireland
2. When?  Summer
3. Where?  Traveling to multiple cities
4. Who?  Family or you and spouse
5. How?  Fly to Dublin and rent a car

Now you can start to breakdown the tasks:

1. Call travel agent to discuss trip and get prices for budget
2. Check passport expiration
3. Start to put $100 away each week
4. Research areas of interest in Ireland
5. Research Bed N Breakfast or Hotels in Ireland
6. Create a “what to pack” list
7. Buy all those “little bottles” of personal items

3. You have your task list, now you need to prioritize the list. Some questions to prioritize based on this example:

• What is most important?  Using our example: travel agent to develop budget
• What takes the longest?  In our example: passports and saving for trip
• What must be done before other tasks can be done?  Our example: research areas of interest before you can determine B&B or Hotels

4. Lastly, you need to assign each task to a specific date, and add to your Calendar, be it electronic or paper.  And only keep 1 calendar for business and personal.  Tips to simplify both of your calendars:

• Color code your tasks in your calendar
• Apply tasks to a specific date, not just on the task list
• If you have to have 2 calendars make sure you can see them both

○ Google Calendar will overlay both business and personal into one
○ Outlook you can view side by side

If you are working on Business goals, you would ask the same questions, but in a different way.

• Marketing Project Goal:

○ What?  The topic of the campaign
○ When?  Best time to send it based on topic (end of year?)
○ Where?  Letter, email blast, social media
○ Who?  Your target audience
○ How?  The main message for the campaign and how it will be understood

Time management is essentially task management – for both Business and Personal.  You can organize and simplify both areas of your life by following these few tips, to help you stay on top of both your worlds.

There is more information on this topic and even quizzes you can take to determine how you manage your time.  Please let me know if you would like more information.

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